Brighton:Develop Game Jam - 2019

Xandra van antwerpen xva framed 6

The gameplay area is the boulevard of Brighton. I went out and took pictures of the environment as we were in actual Brighton. The materials for the floor were all made in Substance Designer, the brick material was part tutorial, part trial and error.

Xandra van antwerpen xva framed 8
Xandra van antwerpen xva framed 9

The concept I made of our main character (Henry) and the eventual model in Maya.

Xandra van antwerpen xva framed 2

Henry in the game itself.

Xandra van antwerpen xva framed 3

The characters that are walking around are completely modular and the designer I worked with made the meshes rotate for each individual character.

I attended the Brighton:Develop Game Jam together with a techincal designer. In this jam we had around 18 hours to create a game based on the West-Pier of Brighton. We made a detective game in which you have to frame someone for burning down the pier. You follow around the characters and have to eavesdrop and puzzle the newspaper article together.

In this jam I tried to focus most of my attention on the main character as it was something I hadn't done before. Next to that I tried using Substance Designer for most of the materials as the jam was in the middle of my learning process.

I was responsible for all the visual parts of the game except the animations.

The game can be found here: