A Night in Paris

Xandra van antwerpen highresscreenshot00052

The overall scene.
I was responsible for the lighting of the scene, and the effects.

Xandra van antwerpen paris 2

The pastry I made for this project for within the bakery. I baked the details in the low poly mesh and created the textures in Substance Painter.

Xandra van antwerpen highresscreenshot00055

I was responsible for some small effects, so I created a reflecting puddle paintable matterial that we could apply to meshes in the scene. I made 2 stages; still water and water that interacts with rain.

This is an 8 week project I worked on within a team of 7 artists.

I was responsible for:
- Prop modeling
- Worldbuilding
- Lighting
- Small FX

We were asked to create a part of Paris and had to create it from scratch. We worked closely with real life references, did research into street lay-outs. The team worked closely to get to the best result and continiously asked for feedback from both teachers and peers. I learned a lot about communication, using references for what you create, and it was my first time using Substance Painter for a longer duration of time.