Global Game Jam - 2019

Xandra van antwerpen xva trashsplash 5

The result of the environment that would be built throughout the game.

Xandra van antwerpen xva trashsplash 2

The gameplay space I created. This environment will be built in pieces as you collect scraps. A big part of the assets are modular and were used in different places.

Xandra van antwerpen xva trashsplash 4

Some detailed props I did at the end of the jam, these props push a small narrative throughout the game when found.

Xandra van antwerpen xva trashsplash 1

The concept that I created before starting the modeling process. We went for something cute and wonky to deliver a more serious message. (we chose the clean the ocean diversifier)

Trash Splash - Gameplay

I attended the GGJ this year with a programmer and techincal designer. We decided to pick 4 diversifiers including one that forced us to make the game in black and white. Within the game you search for trash underwater to build your house on top of the ocean.
I was the only artist on this project and was responsible for all visuals, except the ocean itself.

The game can be found here: