Bone Voyage

Bone Voyage - Early Access Trailer

Xandra van antwerpen screenshot 1

the game consisted of a full cast of characters that all had personalized quests attached to them. As art lead I played a big part in their development regarding the feedback that led to their final designs.

Xandra van antwerpen xva bv 1

The overall ship that was made during the project.

Xandra van antwerpen xva bv 10

I was partially responsible for creating props and worldbuilding of this cabin.

We iterated a lot on this room to make it feel more like it was an actual ship cabin. We wanted to convey small stories by prop placement.

Xandra van antwerpen xva bv 4

The middle room of the captain's cabin that has a lack of natural light. We wanted to create a storage room where the player could interact with different assets and find out more about the personalities of the characters.

Xandra van antwerpen xandravanantwerpen bv 4

The small captain's cabin assets I have made for the game.

Visible in previous screenshot.

Xandra van antwerpen xva bv 8

The diner in the middle of the ship. This room had to convey a 50s/60s feel and after making multiple moodboards and concept sketches for this room we settled on this current look.

Xandra van antwerpen xva bv 3

We decided to keep the below deck area clean, as multiple characters would be travelling throughout this area and we did not want to make it cluttered.

Xandra van antwerpen xva bv 2

Smaller rooms were created for each character on the ship. We wanted to keep these fairly modular with small elements that reflected the inhabitant.

Xandra van antwerpen xva bv 5

The art team created small story driven environments that would change depending on the story choices that were made by the player. Special assets were created for these.

Xandra van antwerpen xva bv 6

I was responsible for the first draft of the captain's cabin. We did a lot of iterations from various artists to get to this result. We aimed for visual storytelling in most elements.

Xandra van antwerpen xva bonevoyage 5

Part of the deck that shows more of the props that I made and how they were used in game.

Xandra van antwerpen xandravanantwerpen bv 5

The deck and diner assets I made next to my lead tasks. I try to create smaller assets for the game to keep my 3D modeling skills up-to-date while I focus more on softskills/leadership.

Visible in previous screenshot.

Bone Voyage is an Adventure game that was developed for a 3rd year student project, it lasted 1 year and was developed with 35 others. It won the INDIGOx award (2019) and Year 3 Best Art prize.

I was responsible for:
- Art lead
- Main visionholder/storytelling
- Prop modeling
- Worldbuilding

The game itself is a 3rd person adventure game, that is set on a boat stuck between life and death. On this ship you will get to know multiple characters and explore this vessel you bumped into.

On the project itself, I worked really closely with all disciplines. It's my task to push the art vision and overall game vision forward, and make cross-discipline work go as smooth as possible. Within this project, I learned to communicate better, have a better understanding of different disciplines, and how to work on a game project for a longer time.

We released our game on Steam. You can find the game here: