Candy Chaos

Xandra van antwerpen image44

The first playable level we delivered within 2 weeks.

Xandra van antwerpen image42

A different perspective to the level. At this stage we were still trying out if we were going for a more abstract CandyLand or if we were going to replicate something from reality.

Xandra van antwerpen image33

The process of worldbuilding the overall design. We took it step-by-step and I constantly asked for feedback from the designer to make sure I did not interfere with his level design.

Xandra van antwerpen image32

The delivered level design from the designer in the team.

Xandra van antwerpen d6hjoeo

A highlighted part of the trailer. This is the middle part of the game, and I was responsible for most assets and lighting.

Candy Chaos - IGAD Showcase Trailer

This is the eventual end result of the game.

3D Videogame project created for an 8 week project (2016-2017) in a group of 13.

I was responsible for:
- Environment models/design
- Character models/design
- Worldbuilding
- Lighting

The game itself is an action adventure game, that is set in an oversized candy world.
We won best art of all year 1 projects with this project which was a nice added bonus on top of all the learning opportunities of my first game project.

The game can be found here: