Epic MegaJam - 2018

Xandra van antwerpen xva alienated 2

Alienated - These are the 3D models I made and textured based upon the concept art. This part of the level is meant as the overall menu of the game.

Xandra van antwerpen xva alienated 5 png

The gameplay area, we kept it really simple as the gameplay was fast paced and needed precision at times.

Xandra van antwerpen xva alienated 1

Alienated - The concept art I created for the overall game. I wanted to see if I could get the textures of the drawing on top of 3D models to create a similar feel to the end result as we got in the concept.

Xandra van antwerpen xva alienated 3
Xandra van antwerpen xva alienated 4

Finished concepts of the characters we came up with. I don't often create characters but I had a lot of fun working with the team to come up with these.

Alienated - Gameplay

I joined the Epic MegaJam in November 2018 together with 2 designers and a programmer. After a late start we decided to make a small party game which was set in an abandoned warehouse.

I was the only artist on the project and for this game jam I tried concepting and handpainted textures, as it was something I had barely done before. Each jam I try to do something that puts me out of my comfort zone.

The game can be found here: https://justinvo.itch.io/alienated