Tibetan Monastery

Xandra van antwerpen xva tibet

Overall scene shot

I made the vegetation parts, the stairs, and did the set dressing.

Xandra van antwerpen highresscreenshot00016

Lower area shot

I made the smaller decorative props like the seating and the vegetation. I also did some set dressing.

Xandra van antwerpen highresscreenshot00013

Upper area overview

I was responsible for the set dressing of this area and the prop making.

Xandra van antwerpen highresscreenshot00015

Different perspective shot

We worked on the scene in a way that it is viewable from all sides. This is a second shot of the upper area.

Xandra van antwerpen highresscreenshot00019

Vegetation shot

I was responsible for most smaller vegetation. I handpainted the textures in Substance Painter and worked with Alpha maps.

Xandra van antwerpen highresscreenshot00022

A small selection of the set dressing models I made for this scene.

Xandra van antwerpen uv monastery

I have been working on my UVs within this project, especially the Lightmap UVs.

These UV maps are for the curved bench, and a lamp. Both are respectively applied to different resolutions and still have room for smaller objects.

An 8 week project I worked on with 4 other artists. The lay-out and block-out was delivered by a Design student, and we were requested to complete the scene.

I was responsible for:
- Prop modeling
- Worldbuilding
- Smaller FX
- Base lighting

The scene represents an old monatery that has been abandoned.